Headwear and History

Hat Gallery: Multicultural Costumes & Art History

Dr. Beverly Chico
Metropolitan Denver, Colorado USA
Curator – Exhibitor

Thirty-five exhibitions and displays since 1968 of Headwear and History including:

"Headwear, Health and Healing" (Health Sciences Library, University of Colorado-Denver, 2011);

"Headdresses, Helmets, Hats: Headwear from around the World"
(Radius Gallery, Lakewood Heritage Center, 2008);

“Religious Traditions Through Headwear”
(Regis University Dayton Memorial Library, 2003);

“Headwear and History” (Tointon Gallery for the Visual Arts, Civic Center, Greeley, 1998);

“Headwear…Folk Art and Fine Art” (Curtis Gallery Arts & Humanities Center, 1998);

“Cycles of Life: Headwear from Mid East to Far East” (Denver Art Museum, 1944);

“Japanese Culture Through Headwear” (Curtis Gallery Arts & Humanities Center, 1992);

“Magnificent Obsessions: Collectors/Collecting/Collections” (Arvada Center, 1992);

“Hats as Head Sculptures” (Denver Petroleum Club, 1985);

“Creating Chapeaux: Crowns & Brims, Turbans & Trims” (Belmar Museum, Lakewood, 1984);

“From Sorcerers to Sex Symbols: 4,000 Years of Hats” (Colorado Gallery/Arts, 1983);

“Women and Scholarship: Symbols Through Hats” (Towson State College, 1974);

“Off the Top of My Head” (Baltimore Community College Gallery, 1968).

Curator Interfaith Exhibit - Video Producer

“It Shall be a Crown Upon Your Head: Headwear Symbolism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam,” at Mizel Museum of Judaica, Denver, 10/28/86/ -1/25/87 (First interfaith exhibition in the world on topic). Producer of a 47-minute educational video; VHS Format with Study Guide.

Headwear and History

Hat Gallery:
Multicultural Costumes & Art History