Headwear and History

Hat Gallery: Multicultural Costumes & Art History

Dr. Beverly Chico
Metropolitan Denver, Colorado USA
“From Sorcerers to Sex Symbols: 4,000 Years of Hats”
(Examples of Headwear in the following categories: Ceremonial, Military, Utilitarian and Aesthetic) - 150 items displayed and discussed -

“From Birth to Burial: Ethnic Expressions of Religious Headwear”*
(Fourteen cultures of Asia, Middle East and Europe represented by headwear traditions brought to the U.S. and worn during life-cycle rituals)

“The Crown as Headdress and Idea”*
(Traces the crown from Ancient Greece, through Roman Emperors, Medieval royalty up to England’s Queen Elizabeth II today)

“U.S. Military Academy Folklore: The Hat Toss”
(Communication via Hats over 200 Years of American History)

“Headwear, Home and Heaven: Jewish and Islamic Women”
(Ancient traditions rooted in the Bible and Koran regarding the wearing of headcoverings are being challenged by women in countries of the Middle East, Europe, Asia and U.S.)

“Houses, Hats and Helmets: Architecture and Headwear in Japan and Sumatra”
(Samurai and Minangkabau Cultures)

“Hair, Halos and Hats: Women’s History Through Headwear”
(From Ancient to Modern Times: examples include Egyptian wigs, Roman curls, Medieval coifs, Renaissance pearls, Enlightenment Coiffures, nineteenth-century Bonnets and Modern Hatlessness)

“Gender Headwear and Power in Judaism and Christianity”
(Traditions from Biblical Times to the present day emphasizing elaborate headwear of the Middle East and Europe used for Torah ornamentation and by Christian Church hierarchy)

“Headwear…Folk Art and Fine Art”
(An exhibition of 40 paintings and drawings with 100 headpieces illustrating how headwear plays important roles in folk arts through festivals, rituals, dances and foods. Hats are also shown as related to Fine Arts through Architecture and Sculpture.)

“Old Mistresses: Women Artists & Headwear from the Renaissance to the Present”
(Discusses the works of 30 women artists from Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland and the U.S. over five centuries, focusing on women’s images and headcoverings.)

“The Turban: a Metaphor for Globalization”*
(The Turban is presented as one of the most basic, oldest and important universal headpieces in human civilization, worn by persons of various religions, political positions, social strata, fashion consciousness, and used for many purposes including protection, burial and carrying weapons.)

"Psychology of Collecting: What's Under All That Stuff?"

(Brief history and why people collect; characteristics of collectors; challenges of collecting, exhibiting; collecting vs. hoarding; and collecting as a spiritual activity.)

* Historic headpieces will be displayed with slide talk
** Slide presentation

Headwear and History

Hat Gallery:
Multicultural Costumes & Art History

Headwear Lecture Topics by Dr. Beverly Chico